Utilizing Tech

What tools do you use when you write? Are there certain programs you like more than others? I’m still searching for that elusive “perfect” program, however, I’ve found some great software in the meantime. All of which can be useful for a variety of needs.


Screenshot 2015-10-06 22.15.48

Evernote is perfect for gathering info, for taking notes, for research, and if you’re used to taking a lot of notes and/or you just want to have your writing at your fingertips, then this is perfect for you because you can access it no matter where you are. This app works on your desktop, on a browser, your phone and your iPad. And it syncs between them all. You can make “notebooks” to organize your notes and even create a “stack” of notebooks.

Screenshot 2015-10-06 22.21.24It’s a great app for prepping or organizing your novel. There are a few drawbacks such as the inability to create more than one level of stacks (so no stacks within stacks). And unfortunately, the notes can only be sorted by title, date created, date updated, URL or by size. So if you want to use this for…let’s say an outline… you wouldn’t be able to force the order of the notes, unless you use symbols or designated letters in the title.



This lovely program has so many options and so many settings that it can a bit overwhelming. It’s definitely a bit of a learning curve and I definitely haven’t cracked all the different ways that it can be useful. But if you’re looking to write with all the bells and whistles, this is the program for you. From long form to screenwriting, the program has different settings and templates for all your writing needs.

Some things that I really like about the software:

The ability to organize your work – from characters and settings down to scenes and chapters. Everything is organized into a binder and then broken down by subject. You can even have templates for characters or locations.


The cork board option is wonderful. If you need to rearrange the order of your scenes or chapters, this lovely visual aid can help with that. It’s a wonderful way to organize with flexibility.

feature-outlinerIt also has a lovely outliner for a more traditional approach to organizing your writing.

If you’re looking for distraction-free writing, Scrivener also has that as an option. feature-fullscreen

I’m still learning how to utilize some of the other options (such as using meta data). But it’s a wonderful tool that I think all types of writers should have in their arsenal.

Ok, ok…there is one drawback…It’s NOT like Evernote. It remains only local to your PC. Of course, you can sync the file using Dropbox, however, if you don’t have the program elsewhere, then that’s not the much use. Yes, you can add text to the file, but for me, I really want it all! I want it to work a lot like Evernote – sync between devices and have the full gambit of options when on the go.

The site has repeatedly said that they’re working on it, but so far we’re all waiting. Impatiently.