Day Five of NaNoWriMo

FTW: I’ve been able to write on a daily basis! This truly never happens for me. I tend to write in varied bursts, so it has been a bit of a challenge these past few days. I’d like to believe that I’d be able to keep this up for thirty days, but I’m also a realist. Sometimes life gets in the way and a day may pass with nary a word conjured. As of right now, I’m coaxing out a few paragraphs here and there, whenever I have a moment and they’ve been slowly accumulating. I’m still ahead of the game, which is already a “win” for me.

I enjoyed the NaNoWriMo pep talk given by Diana Gabaldon. It’s refreshing to learn that others have a similar writing style as I do, especially someone who is so well-known and talented! I also tend to write in a non-linear fashion and often with multiple subplots happening at the same time. Frequently, I will write various scenes that are not seemingly connected. However, oddly enough my brain tends to connect these scenes subconsciously and later on somehow the random scene I wrote two days ago suddenly makes more sense while I’m writing yet another seemingly disjointed scene.

It always amazes me that it works out like that. Is it always gold? Nope. But so what? That’s the whole point of constantly writing. Things make more sense as you keep writing. And eventually a story emerges. It’s sort of like taking a block of stone and chipping away until you have a statue. (I often feel more like I’m using a mallet and banging it against my keyboard until something readable shows up!)

I’m past the 10k mark already so my goal will be to hit 25k by early next week (if not this weekend). So the insanity continues…

…but for now, sleep….zzzzzzz

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