It’s About Time…

My short story Destiny has been published in an anthology called,  It’s About Time: 2nd Annual NaNo Los Angeles Short Story Anthology. This lovely collection features writers aged fourteen to seventy-four and its central theme relates to time – either in the literal sense or thematically. This is Lemur Publishing’s second anthology featuring NaNoWriMo authors with the intention to support the local NaNo Los Angeles region as well as the Young Writer’s Program.

If you’d like to support the region and/or would like to read thirty-eight wonderful stories, it can be found on Amazon as a paperback or an ebook (Kindle). Check it out and leave a review when you have a moment. You won’t be disappointed.



Writing and Beyond…

After NaNoWriMo ends, I find myself both exhilarated and exhausted. I’m torn between writing more or dealing with regular daily life crap that I’ve been putting off. And then the holiday vibe takes over and writing gets shoved to the side.

Well… the physical aspect of putting words on screen anyway. I still have scenes randomly swirling in my head. I jot them down so I won’t lose them, but they still haunt me. Especially this one particular scene which has absolutely nothing to do with any of the projects I’ve been working on.

I guess another character is knocking at my door. But I’m deferring till January. It needs to wait till then.

In the meantime, I’m still looking at writing-related sites and tips for moving forward post-NaNo. The next few months will include a lot of additional writing, editing, rewriting and hair-pulling as well as organizing and putting together a full handbook for my world-building details. It’s going to be a lot of work, but I’m excited about that as well (except for maybe the hair-pulling part… might resort to bourbon instead).

To get started, I will be perusing some of the 120 Most Helpful Websites for Writers in 2015. This collection of links seems like a good way to get inspired.

May the post-NaNo force be with you.




After 30 days of writing on a daily basis, often with my eyes slowly closing while I typed feverishly away, my final count turned out to be 101,793 words! I actually pulled off a Double-NaNo! Seriously can’t believe it. It’s insane what a self-challenge can actually lead to. Writing at such a clipped pace without looking back or self-editing is truly freeing.

Now if any of those words are actually usable… well, that’s a different story. However, I definitely had several interesting (albeit random) scenes popping up and the characters were doing things I didn’t realize they were going to do. (Including dying or making severe mistakes!). And I found a few new characters who wanted to be introduced as well as several new magical items that will come into play later on in my story.

But really my ultimate triumph from this crazy month-long exercise was that I was able to get out of my own way and let the characters do their thang. I also ended up writing the ending to my overall entire series – something I wasn’t quite sure about and wondered how exaclty I would finish it.  So now I know where I’m heading in the long-run, and overall this in itself is a major WIN.

To everyone who finished #NaNoWriMo, ROCK ON!