The Enforcer: Between Heaven and Hell

Over the years, I’ve written a lot of random short character pieces for myself – mostly because I became obsessed with a character from a film or TV show. It was just for fun and not intended for public consumption. But after getting obsessed with SyFy’s Dominion and joining the Twitter community that supported the show, I was encouraged by others to challenge myself and post my own “fanfiction.”

So I worked on my own version of season two (before the actual season two aired) and posted it on two sites (links below).

Ultimately, it was an exercise in writing and polishing work on the fly.  I ended up planning a full season arc. It took longer than I expected for something that was supposed to be a light writing exercise! But it made me let go of over-editing and the need to be perfect – something we all get obsessed about. And it also forced me to share my work, something that can be difficult for me at times. I can only hope that it provides some entertainment for those who are fans of the show. And for those who have no idea what Dominion is, you may garner some ideas about the show as you read the story – but your best bet would probably be to read a summary about the show first (see a brief one on the official Dominion site.). Or better yet, binge all of season one in one sitting (8 episodes total).

You can read my story on either site below:

Archive of Our Own  (use this link if you like to download stories and/or read on an e-reader)

Word Count:  77,013 words

Status: Published Online

Featured image courtesy of @JennYach